If I don’t know how I want to get there, I’ll probably never get there. If by some chance I do get there, then I’ll never know how I got there; I’ll never appreciate the result; I’ll never be able to teach it.

I don’t like leaving things to chance. Better to visualise what I want and how to get there. Of course, it will pan out differently but at least I’ll know why and how I landed in that situation, instead of looking like a ship in the sea without a captain in the middle of a vicious hurricane: vulnerable, helpless and hoping for the best. I don’t rely on hope. I practice visualisation and rely on action.


What fortune gives, so too she can take away. There are some things though, that even fortune cannot give, like wisdom, virtue or experience; morality or appreciation. Some people are gifted fortune(of the money kind), fame and wealth, but these people are the exception rather than the rule and they have to learn appreciation the hard way. They never walked the path to their position, but instead were landed straight in it. One of my favourite films is the wizard of oz, because on her quest to find the wizard and his mighty castle (in the hop that he may help her return home), she is encouraged by the good witch to follow the yellow brick road. The good witch has the powers to instantly drop Dorothy back home, but she knows that she will be doing her a disservice, because as the film goes, she does walk down the yellow brick road and she meets amazing people, learns incredible life lessons and when she eventually reaches the wizard, she is more than prepared to deal with what he has to say. What does he say? Well if you haven’t already, watch the film and find out.


So the question then, is why leave things to fortune? Furthermore, why believe that fortune has visualised exactly what you want?

Instead of relying on fortune, visualise what you want, work harder than everyone else at it and fortune well, she may just help you out on the way. But don’t bet on it.